“As a recording and mixing engineer, John has worked on several children’s television projects with me. He’s collaborative in his work approach, brilliant at putting young voice artists at ease in front of the mic and has a cheery professional attitude which makes him popular with clients.

With John, nothing is too much trouble”. 

- Fiona Robinson, Series Producer, Darrall Macqueen Ltd

"I have been working with John for well over 10 years, I can truly say he is one of the nicest guys in the Industry. Not only is he always an absolute pleasure to work with but is also excellent at what he does, a great communicator and never settles for anything other than the best. In sound design, one of his greatest strengths is for telling the story. His innovation through creativity and understanding brings such richness and clarity which take the visuals to another level. I hope I have the pleasure to continue working with John for many years to come."

- Adam Shaw, Director, Blue-Zoo

"John Paul or JP as his inner circle of close friends call him (his mum calls him J, but only she is allowed to do that) is an amazing audio engineer. I've worked with him on several projects ranging from political satire to animation and he is brilliant. He's also got a great laugh which I've witnessed more than once! He's a properly good bloke." 

  • Lewis Macleod, Voice Artist

"I have worked with John on several of our projects and he is one of the best sound engineers that I have ever worked with. He is a true professional who has gone above and beyond the call of duty numerous times to ensure that my projects were getting the attention he felt they deserved.

He is fast, incredibly efficient, his attention to detail is second to none, he is a pleasure to work with and even under pressurised situations nothing fazes John. He always knows how to put everyone in the studio at ease.  He is never one to settle for just being 'satisfied' with a final product. I couldn't recommend John more" 

- Máire Ní Chonghaile, Production Manager, Telegael

“I’ve really enjoyed this process and you can absolutely expect to hear from some friends of mine off the back of my recommendation. You’re a gent, and I’m really delighted with the result. Thanks John.” 

  • Ben Morris, Actor (Phantom of the Opera)

"Shit, talentless, fuck pretending to be a player…" 

- Adam Longworth, Actor

"John is one of the best sound designers and engineers I know… but he’s much more than that. He’s a good person to have in the studio. This is really important to a producer or director. He sets everybody at ease - immediately - and always gets the balance right between humour and formality, something you have to be acutely aware of when working with clients or actors, especially actors who sometimes feel vulnerable in the studio. He has a great ear, never tires, and never allows you to feel unprepared, even though sometimes you are. He is just wonderful to work with." 

  • Robert Chandler, Space Age Films

"I have worked with John on various different jobs over the last few years, both as a voice actor, voice director and writer and I always consider him to be a real asset to any project. Yes, he’s very experienced and yes he’s efficient, more than efficient but just as importantly he’s always friendly, always enthusiastic, is great with actors and always remains calm and unflappable when others may be getting into a flap (usually me).

Many’s the time I’ve turned to him and said “What do you think?” knowing that his opinion will be useful, considered and probably right. And many’s the time his excellent editing skills have turned something that was frankly dross, into gold. He has good ears, gets comedy, gets timing and if it so happens that a song needs recording in a show then his fine musical skills are always of great benefit.

Basically if you need it in the can, John’s your man." 

  • Giles New – Voice Director (Dennis the Menace, Bat Pat, Escape Hockey)  Voice Actor (Dennis the Menace, Bat Pat, Ella Bella Bingo) Writer (Groove High, Dennis the Menace, The Canterville Ghost)

"I've had the pleasure of working with John on and off for over ten years in his capacity as an audio engineer and sound designer/editor. Across every one of the hundreds of programmes john has worked on he's created inventive and dynamic sound beds, working painstakingly to tell the story and bring the pictures to life. His knowledge of sound FX and how to adapt them to bring originality to each production is second to none.

When it comes to voice recording, voice direction and ADR he brings a patient and constructive element to every session and understands fully the dynamic process involved in bringing a script to life.

But perhaps more important than all his technical accomplishments is John's ability to put you at ease and to make every session a relaxed and enjoyable experience. 

You know you're in safe hands with John and you only need to look at his credit list to realise how many top industry pros agree." 

- Mark Blackledge, Composer